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Temperate Grassland C

Long/Short Term affects of pesticide use and legislative action on the subject of pesticides

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Short term and long term affects if the problem of pesticicides is not addressed... 

Short term affects of pesticicde use....
  • Protects plants from from insects and other organisms that would harm the growth of vegetation.
  • May kill large amounts of organisms within a short period of time (Ex. insects, fungi, weeds, rats, mice, and flies.
  • Prevents foods such as corn, wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. from being contaminated, therefeore it helps prevent human illness.
  • Can help maintain various attractions, such as a golf course (Ex. the course used in our casse study).

Long term affects of pesticide use if not addressed...

  • Humans may be harmed by the pesticicdes either by eating meats and vegetables containing pesticides, or by working in an environment containing a high amount of pesticicdes. 
  • Organisms may become immune to a certain pesticide therefore causing research and production of another more effective pesticide.
  • Pesticides may cause illness, such as cancer, (Ex. In our case study, Commisioner Smith had lost a wife due to cancer).
  • There may be smaller amounts of pesticides at the lower end of the food chain, but as larger organisms consume vast amounts of smaller organisms the amount of pesticides become more abundant in the environment. This causes deformities in the offspring of the pesticide infected organisms.



Legislative action passed or in progress (On the use of pesticides)...

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- In 1994 the Clinton Administration proprosed a legislation to change the U.S pesticide laws. This proposal has been carried out over the past 11 years, and has allowed the EPA to use the neccessary tools to protect the environment from harmful pesticide use.
  • Throughout the U.S and other foreign countries, laws have been passed and proposals have been made to protect humans and their environment from pesticides. This happened in local, state, and national government.


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