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Temperate Grassland C

History of Case Study/Steps Taken and Not Taken to Alleviate the Problem

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History of Case Study


Our case study orginated in Johnsonville County, Nebraska where townspeople noticed a problem involving pesticides.For this case there were two sides. Banning pesticides would alleviate such sicknesses caused by it. On the other hand, banning pesticides would make it very difficult to maintain the local golf course. Also banning pesticides would decrease the local employment (this was shown with data). Sam Waters, the newly elected commisioner of Johnsonville County was given the final and deciding vote to ban pesticides.He was undecided, how would you vote? 




Steps Taken and Not Taken To Alleviate The Problem
Steps Taken: In 1994, the Clinton Administration voted to ban the use of pesticides. In the end the proposition was partly accepted, banning pesticides with hydrocarbons.
Steps Not Taken: I think that they should not even make pesticides any more so that poeple can not get sick from pesticide related diseases. Also, pesticides are futile because eventually mosquitoes and other pests will adapt to the DDT.



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