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Temperate Grassland C


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a pesticide?
A pesticide is any substance intended for preventing, destroting, repelling, or getting rid of any pest.
2.  What is a pest?
A pest is a living organism that are not wanted because they damage crops and disturb humans and animals.  Some pests include:
  • Insects such as mosquitos
  • Mice and other rodents
  • Unwanted plants
  • Fungi
  • Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses
  • Prions- a protein that acts like a virus

3. What household products contain pesticides?

There are alot of household products that contain pesticides. Several of them are:

  • Cockroach sprays and baits
  • Insect repellants for personal use(bug juice)
  • Rat and other rodent poisons
  • Flea and tick sprays, powders and pet collars
  • Kitchen,laundry, and bath disenfectants and sanitizers
  • Products that kill mold and mildew
  • Some lawn and garden products like weed killers
  • Some swimming pool chemicals

4. Is it worth using pesticides due to the risks and benefits that they cause?

Most pesticidesbring some risks andharm with them.  They can be harmful to living things because they are designated to kill living organisms.

Pesticides are useful though.  When they due what they are meant to do which is kill potential discease causing organisms and control weeds, insects and other pests, they are very useful.

5.Are some pesticides safer than others?

Alot of biologically- based pesticides are becoming more popular because they are safer than other traditional pesticides.

6.What about pest control devices?

A pest control device is any object set up intending to trap any pest. The EPA does not require pest control devices.

7. What is not regulated as a pesticide?

  • Drugs used to control disceases that humans or animals have
  • Fertilizers and other substances used to promote health of plant life
  • Biological control agents such as predators that eat incect pests
  • Poducts that some people use to kill pests like garlic and vinegar

8. What is EPA?

The enviromental protection agency. All pesticides must be registered with the EPA before they can be distributed.




Mr. Connelly spraying pests

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